Fall in IL

We haven’t been doing much adventuring lately. We have been homebodies on the weekends, and the nights just go by so quickly.

This past weekend Gramanita (my mother) came to visit, and it was also this Momma’s birthday. I am officially in the 29 club, my last year before 30.

On Saturday, we took a trip to Uptown Normal for the Worldwide Day of Play. Izzy was too little for most of the activities, but we exposed her to a street cleaner, a garbage truck, and a sandbox. She is very much against sand, dirt, and straw. Yet we keep throwing her in! I look forward to attending this event next year when she is older.

On Sunday, I wanted to spend part of my birthday at Rader Family Farms. This wasn’t Izzy’s first time being there, as we took her last year when she was just 3 months old. Once again, she is a little small for most things, but we had fun anyways!

We again threw her in some corn and on the straw. She was not a fan of either place. She eventually started crawling in the straw, but I bet she was just trying to get away. We will make her love the outdoors!

Even though I know Izzy is too little to do most things, I want to expose her to as much as I can. I can tell that she is going to be a smart little girl, and I just love watching her investigate her world. Here’s to a our next adventure! My sister, aka Sissy, is coming to visit next weekend so I bet I’ll have some adventures to post about. It is always a good time with Sissy.


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