Adventures of Crawling

As I shared last week, Izzy learned how to army crawl on our trip to Sheboygan. Well, folks, army crawling didn’t last long. Within 2 days, she was for real crawling. That’s right; we have a crawler! And boy does she love it!

A week before Izzy turned one, I asked a question on my IG. When is a baby a toddler? A fellow mom told me that I could call her a baby until she started walking. Well, in the last two weeks, I have definitely seen the shift from baby to toddler.

She isn’t walking yet, but she seems so much older now that she crawls where she wants to go! She is very curious about crawling up our stairs. She is practicing standing more and suddenly had two new teeth coming in after last weekend. Yay, six teeth! We were a late teether too. Everything she does makes her seem older. Crawling, eating big girl food, talking, using sign language.

I think I am officially ready to say that I have a toddler. 😭 And don’t even get me started on these overalls. 😍


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