Sometimes It’s the Little Moments

On our trip in Wisconsin, Izzy discovered army crawling! There was a very narrow hallway in our cabin that required this maneuver over rolling, her preferred method.

Izzy was born with hip dysplasia, and she wore a Pavlik harness for a few months as a newborn. Wow, seems so long ago! Anyway, as a result, she has always been a little behind in the gross motor development.

Army crawling was a big moment for us! Well, just a few days later, she is crawling for real! She doesn’t have much stamina for it, but she can do it.

Tonight, she learned how to make her Little Tikes car go. Backwards. 😂

For this Momma, these are both very big achievements. It’s these little moments that make trying to talk over 23 first graders while sick all day worth it. I get to come home and watch my baby’s firsts.


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