Sheboygan, Wisconsin

It’s no secret that I like to travel. Sometimes I think I inherited that gene from my big sister. It’s totally possible, right?

Traveling with a one year old is so much better. Yes, it can be stressful dealing with packing, having food she can eat and remembering to take naps. But I love watching the wonder in her eyes, and I know it is only going to get better as she grows up!

Labor Day weekend 2017 was spent in Sheboygan, Wisconsin with my husband and Izzy. We are staying at Plymouth Rock Campground in a cute little two bedroom cabin. Although, I loathe the bathroom! We got in very late on Friday night, but I won’t go into those details. *eye roll*

Day 1 (Saturday)

Izzy woke us up promptly at 7:15am. We hung out in our bed with her for a bit before we got up and motivated. Today’s adventures started by going to breakfast at Field to Fork. I had a delicious breakfast burrito, and my husband had some biscuits & gravy. I had read about this place online, and I knew it would be somewhere I loved. After breakfast, we headed towards Lake Michigan. We parked at the marina and walked along the pier to the lighthouse. It was hella windy! Izzy attempted to sleep through this part. It was gorgeous out, even with the wind. As we headed out from here, we just followed the lake around Sheboygan for a bit. We stopped to watch some surfers. I would later read that surfing in the winter is very popular there. As we were driving, I realized that their Farmer’s Market was happening. We backtracked to the park where an amazing market was set up. This market puts Bloomington’s to shame! I bought $2 flowers, and we had some snacks. Realizing that we were downtown, we walked around the area looking at lots of cute shops. I bought a few beauty items from Olivu 426. By this point in the day, we were feeling very tired so we headed back to the cabin for some nap time! You will learn that this family LOVES napping.

When we woke up, we headed out to dinner at Parker John’s BBQ. Sadly, we didn’t get to sit outside on the river because it thunder-stormed during our nap. Dinner was still delicious though! We had lots of leftovers for the next day. Since it was late, we just headed back to put Izzy to sleep. Then we watched a bit of the Harry Potter marathon that was happening on Freeform (aka ABC Family) all weekend long. It was an early night for us.

Beautiful Lake Michigan.
Refusing to smell the flowers.

Day 2 (Sunday)

Another busy, fun-filled day! We cooked breakfast at our cabin. One of the perks of having a cabin is that we didn’t have to eat out for every meal. Our first adventure of the day was mini golf! This course was right on the harbor, and it was a beautiful day with no wind. Too bad, mini golf isn’t as fun for a baby. She was a good caddy though. Oh, and Momma won this game.

Ball caddy.

After mini golfing, we walked along the harbor, made Izzy practice standing, and ate ice cream! It’s not vacation with us unless there is ice cream (and napping) involved. As we continued on our day, Momma needed a little pick me up of the caffeine variety. So before heading out to Bookworm Gardens, we stopped at Glas. One of my favorite things is trying out different coffee houses on vacation. I must say the I enjoyed my coffee from F2F more than Glas though. I did have different things, so the comparison isn’t 100% there.

Practicing our senior portrait poses.

Now on to Bookworm Gardens! By golly, I could write an entire post about this place because I loved it so much. Unfortunately, Izzy is a little young for this garden playground, but we had fun with her still. We stood her against a lot of things and took her picture. We let her play in the dirt (and fall off the stool). She smelled and touched flowers. She played music. She watched fishies, and she didn’t always cooperate with photos. But I loved watching her eyes light up at all the new things she was experiencing. This place is a little *free* slice of heaven in Sheboygan. It is a botanic garden inspired by children’s literature. It is the cutest thing ever, and if I lived in Sheboygan, I would quit teaching and work here. Hmm, future plan, maybe?! It is definitely a must see place if you are in the area and have kids!

Big girl in a small chair.
Playing music with Daddy’s help.
Playing in the dirt, and then going kaboom when I lost my balance.
Watching the fishies with Daddy.
After I went kaboom, Momma helped me play in the dirt.

Once we left the gardens, we headed back to the cabin for, you guessed it, a nap! Momma didn’t actually nap this time because her brain was too excited about this new blog idea. For real. Once Izzy and Daddy woke up though, we headed to the “heated” pool(s) at our campground. The first pool we tried was FREEZING. We were there 2 minutes. The second pool was a little better. Izzy loved it, but she quickly started shivering and turned a little purple. Our swim time was not very long! But that’s okay because we needed to go out to get a few more food items for dinner at the cabin. What’s the best place to do that in Wisconsin? Piggly Wiggly, of course! We gathered our taco items and s’mores items and headed back to the cabin for a late dinner. Once Izzy was asleep, we had a fire outside with s’mores and just some quiet time for the adults. Sadly, it was super windy which makes campfires very unpleasant.


Day 3 (Monday)

Izzy slept in a little later today, which made it hard for us to get moving. But it was packing time. We packed up most of our belongings, and then we took a little break to walk down to the Little Elkhart Lake right at our campground. If we ever go back, I hope Izzy is old enough to go on a paddle boat with us. We finished packing the car and headed out after our walk.

We decided to get a quick brunch at Glas before heading out to Kohler-Andrae State Park. We enjoyed walking down to Lake Michigan. Momma got her feet super cold. There were some kids swimming in that freezing water WITH their parents. Crazy people! We walked along the dune cord walk for a bit before deciding that Izzy needed her nap. We got back in the car and continued to explore the park on wheels before making our journey home.

Selfies with Izzy.
Only one of us looks happy here.
Touching a caterpillar for the first time.

Before we got home, though, we stopped for another game of mini golf. Competition is strong with us. This time it was a “tie”, but my husband *should* have won if he had been playing to his full capabilities. We were driving right by the in-laws so we stopped in to see them for a little bit too. And finally, at 8:30, we made it home!

Whew! We had a very busy, but relaxing weekend away. The only bad parts about vacation are going back to reality. And the laundry. Oh, the laundry!

Eating an orange at Glas.

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