If I Wasn’t a Teacher, What Would I Be?

I’ve been absent. The main reason is I have not had any inspiration for an entry. I’m currently in the car on our non-Valentine’s getaway to Davenport, Iowa. A new city for me! I plan to do an update on how my 2015 bucket list is going here soon.

But let’s talk about my job… I’m a teacher. Most days, I love it. But some days, like recently, I wonder why the heck am I doing this?!

For those of you who don’t know, teaching is HARD. I can’t just walk into the room and boom, start teaching. I’ve got to lesson plan, make copies, cut things out, laminate things, grade papers, keep the room tidy, plan lessons for guided ready groups, pull books for Writer’s Workshop, plan lessons for Intervention, get ready for math tubs and literacy centers, and so much more. Most of you who are reading this probably have no idea what I’m talking about… It’s STRESSFUL.

Too much is expected from my firsties and too much is expected from me. But what would I do if I wasn’t a teacher? Well, here are some ideas for me in case I ever cross that bridge… And let’s face it, I don’t plan to retire from teaching. I really don’t.

Party Planner. I would love this! I hated planning my wedding , but that was only because we had a strict budget. Give me someone else’s money to spend, and I’ll plan your party! Birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, you name it and I’ll plan it!!

Librarian. I love books. And I have a weird fascination with those scanner things. I would even consider doing this in the school setting. Then, I would get to incorporate technology into my lessons too. Those kiddos would be tech gurus when I got done with them!

Graphic Designer/Web Designer. If I were to go back to school, I would study one of these. I love working on the website for DP Studio and designing our marketing pieces. But I don’t know much about it officially.

Children’s Book Author. Always wanted to write a children’s book. All I need is a talking elephant and some life lesson for the kiddos, and BOOM, instant success.

Cashier. See note above about weird fascination with scanner things.

Professional Pinterester. This is real, I promise.

This is all I could come up with right now. I’m sure I have a few more ideas. But the bright snow is hurting my eyes and causing me to become sleepy. Must be nap time! I love car naps!


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