A Day of Celebrations

Today is a day of celebrations. The minuscule ones include breaking open my yoga mat and DVD for the first time as well as purchasing a new book to read. But the most important celebration is that Miss B turned 11 today.

I came into this little girl’s life when she was seven, going on eight. It was a difficult time for her. Her parents were suddenly getting divorced, she was moving as well as being separated from her brother, and both of her parents were dating. How confusing and challenging for a 7 year old.

Back then, she was a shy, quiet child. She was very curious, but cautious at the same time. I know I didn’t see her first steps. I know that I didn’t hear her first words. But over the last 3 years, I have seen this girl blossom into a beautiful, talented young lady. I know that I am not her mother, but I will always be her step-mom. And I will always think of her like a daughter of my own.

Sure, there are times that I feel like I don’t exist. There are times when I feel like a mean step-mom because her father is too much like her to understand when discipline is needed. There are times when I wonder if she didn’t listen to me because she didn’t hear me or because she doesn’t have to. After all, I’m only the step-mom.

But then, there are days when I feel completely and utterly loved by her. It’s me she chooses to confide in, not her father. I’m the one she is sharing stories with instead of hiding in her room with her Legos.

When her father and I first started dating, he always told me that if things got too difficult that I shouldn’t be afraid to leave. He didn’t want me staying around because of her. He didn’t want me to be afraid to walk away because of herAnd now I realize, I didn’t stay around because of her. I stayed around because I fell in love with her. Because I truly look forward to being here as she grows up. Because I cannot wait to watch her continue to blossom into the talented beautiful young woman that I know she will be.

So here’s to you, Miss B. May your 11th year be filled with as much wonder and joy as you bring to my life and those lives around you. Happy Birthday, Miss B!


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