Bring on 2015

Everyone makes resolutions. I’m joining the new bandwagon of making a bucket list. My list started out as a list of goals, however. So it is a combined list of goals and a bucket list. Here’s what I’ve got for 2015…

1. Start doing yoga and/or pilates. I’v always been interested in yoga and pilates. The most I have done is a 6 week course in college. Well, I bought a mat and some DVD’s. I’m ready to learn!
2. Think paleo. I would love to become 100% paleo, but there are some hindrances to this lifestyle in my household. Therefore, I am simply going to “think” paleo as much as possible when choosing my food.
3. Start a good things jar. I stole this from a friend. Every time something good happens, I will write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the jar with the date. At the end of the year, I will review all of 2015’s good things.
4. Become a blogger. Look! I’m starting on this one right now. This is a task I have attempted many times, but it’s going to work this round.
5. Read 10 books. This is a super low number, but as a teacher I have no extra time. Or so I say. That’s why this is on here.
6. Go to at least 5 new cities. I love traveling. I want to see more of the world. And I want to do it with the people I love.
7. Visit Amber in Colorado. This ties nicely to #6. I can’t wait to visit her new home!
8. Help my husband cook a meal and do the dishes at least once a week. I’m often quite lazy after a long day in first grade. I want to help my husband more.
9. Say “I’m Sorry” more. I’m a Schuetz girl. I’m very stubborn. I often feel that I am always right. And that’s not true. I need to learn to say I’m Sorry more.
10. Get a new tattoo. It’s been a few years. Time for some fresh ink!
11. Go to a Blackhawk’s hockey game. This one is already planned to happen, but you never know what could happen! I love hockey, and it’s been years since I have been to a game. And never a Chicago game.
12. Go on an adventure with Brandon, Sissy and Naz. During Christmas, we made plans for a foursome adventure. I’m not sure if it will canoeing and camping or a trip to SF with just us. Whatever it will be, I’m excited for it.
13. Go to Starved Rock at least 12 times (once a month). We have this wonderful state park about 5 miles from us, and I never utilize it enough. My goal is to go once a month for a hike. That will be difficult for January, February, and March, but I want to do it.
14. Take a cooking class with Brandon. Just a fun dating outing where we learn something new.
15. Surprise someone at least once a month (card, letter, little gift, phone call, pay it forward with a stranger, etc.) This one is very broad. I just want to make someone smile. Whether it be a stranger, a friend, or a relative.
16. Start my Masters. For reading specialist. I’ve got a time crunch on this one. Only 2 opportunities left to make this happen this year. Summer or fall.
17. Go to 5 new wineries/breweries. I stole this from a friend, and I really liked the idea of this. This one goes along with the traveling one.
18. Donate to at least 5 organizations in some way (money, material goods, volunteer time, etc.) I want to do better for other people. I don’t know which organizations I will choose, but that’s the fun of it.
19. Adopt a family around Christmas time. I saw a friend do this this year, and I really liked it. It will teach Miss B great things.
20. Visit an old friend at least once a month. This one will be hard. We get wrapped up in our own lives. We use Facebook to stay connected. My goal is to go beyond Facebook. I have a list of people that I would like to visit with. Let’s make it happen!

So there it is. My 2015 Goals & Bucket List. I think it’s doable. The year has begun!


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