Pajama Rave Party

Coming into the family as a step-mom, I sometimes feel like I need to constantly be thinking of fun and exciting things to do as a family. I’ve been getting better with this feeling over the months, but tonight is an example of one of my awesome ideas.

My first awesome idea, though, was having Teeth Brushing Parties. When I first started being around for night time (before living together), I noticed that Miss B hated brushing her teeth. It was almost as if you had to pull her teeth to get her to do it. Then I invented “Teeth Brushing Parties”. It’s really nothing special. It just involves all three of us brushing our teeth together. Now, she gets upset if we don’t have one and sometimes she even parties on her own!

Tonight’s awesome adventure was a Pajama Rave Party. Yup, just what it sounds like. We all dressed up in our pajamas, put on some music, lit up some glow sticks and flash lights, and danced around the room like maniacs. Am I a great step-mom or what?

I was so excited about this idea that I had to post it right away on here before I forgot to do it! If you read this, I would be interested to know what sort of fun events you do as a family to keep life from getting mundane? I am always looking for more ideas!


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