Fall Decorations

My hunt for amazing fall decorations probably began at the beginning of September. Where did I find all of my ideas? Well, none other than Pinterest, of course! Here are some pictures of what I created and what I am super proud of.

My fall wreath for our door.  I am in love with it. And just a basket of mini pumpkins, candles and left over flowers from the wreath.

Our family pumpkin. Now, if I could just buy one of those reusable pumpkins so that I didn’t have to redo this every year!

And let’s just throw in some pictures of our Halloween pumpkins as well! I’ve never been a huge Halloween fan, but now that I have a house to decorate, I love it!!

My kitty cat pumpkin and the family pumpkins all lit up.

It’s Halloween; you can’t have Halloween without some ghosts!

Oh, and my really nifty sign from Hobby Lobby. (Meet Coco our foster dog.)


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