Reasons I Shouldn’t Have a Blog

Here are some reasons why I shouldn’t have a blog. Okay, I have just one reason. I cannot keep up with them. And this time, I have severely messed up. I haven’t posted since the day I started this blog. Come on, Kimberly! You can do better than that!

Some updates on my life since I opened this blog:

1. My job. I started that new job waaaaay back in August. I love my job. It is crazy, hectic and exhausting, but I love the progress my kiddos have made since the beginning of school. Sadly, I am already contemplating leaving next year. The bottom line is I want my own classroom. I am using my aide position as just a stepping stone, right? Right.

2. Family life. Back when I started this blog, family life was rough. We were getting used to routines and being around each other 24-7. I felt like all Brandon and I did was fight. I am happy to say that I do not feel that way anymore. We are still learning how to be a family, but things are much smoother now.

3. Wedding planning. After months and months of talking about our wedding, we finally found a location and set a date. We will be getting married on October 19, 2013. The ceremony will be intimate and will take place at Hornbaker Gardens in Princeton, IL. The reception will be at A Hundred Acres Orchard. We are thrilled and beyond excited! In fact, we just took engagement photos last weekend at our ceremony destination. I cannot wait to see our photos. Thanks to Dellinger Photography for that!

4. Crafting. I have been on a crafting kick lately. I will be posting separate posts about that. Now, I just need to find some time to be on a baking kick! I miss baking…

5. New Responsibilities. Remember how I am fresh out of college, only 24 years old and taken on the role of housewife and step-mom with a brand new job? Well, now I am taking on even more responsibilities. I am the assistant troop leader for our daughter’s brand new Girl Scout troop. What was I thinking?! I need to learn to do a little at a time. (Yeah, right!)

Funny thing about this blog is that no one knows about it. Yet. I will change that.


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